Equipment is key with modern vehicle repair and CCM love to invest. We never cease to be impressed by how easy jobs can be when you just have the correct tool! When repairing delicate materials such as alloy wheels it is essential that we have the correct tools to hand to ensure a perfect finish.

By partnering with leading manufacturers, we have access to the best equipment. By using the best equipment, we can ensure that all alloy wheel repairs are conducted to the highest dealer level standards and beyond.

Don’t be fooled by main dealer service advisors that may tell you only they can do the work, or that alloy wheels can't be repaired. We are certain that we can help you. Just pop in for a chat, or send over some pictures of your damage and we can put together a quote for you.


  • Latest diagnostic equipment
  • Modern techniques for modern problems
  • Specialists in automatic gearboxes
  • Dealer service at local prices
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