Our alloy wheel rim welding disclaimer

Your wheel rim is with us because it’s been cracked, typically via impact. Now we didn’t crack it and likely nor did you on purpose, but wheel rims take some serious battering from the ever-increasing selection of pot holes on our roads.

If we have repaired your wheel and you drive through a pot hole the weld will react differently to the alloy around it, meaning that the impact force is dealt with differently by the metal, alloys within and around the repair. For this reason, a repaired wheel can often be damaged in the same place as our repair as this area is minimal when compared to the wider area of an entire new wheel rim, and forces are dispersed less easily than across a wider area of like/same alloy material.

A weld can never be as strong as the original cast and it is for that reason that we sadly cannot warrant any weld. The weld will always be the new weakest point on the rim, and again going back to the state of our roads it is very hard for anyone to miss all the potholes.

PRICING GUIDES - Typical prices

* Prices are for indication only, call us for a refined quote and best deals

Our Price
Crack Repair £49 + VAT
Extra Cracks £25 + VAT
Remove & Refit Wheel & Tyre £24 + VAT

Aftermarket alloy wheels

Repairing your alloy wheel rim is a well-trodden path for our welders, but not all wheel rims are made the same.

Occasionally we are asked to weld rims that have such poor quality alloy composition that a quality weld is just not possible to achieve. Sadly, we are not magicians and if your wheel alloy is such poor quality we will have to decline to repair it.

This can be a particularly difficult moment for some drivers as one wheel damaged may effectively write off your whole set as many aftermarket wheels are only manufactured in short runs meaning that to buy just one is near impossible. On the plus side we can often use our trade contacts to source you a new set of wheels at great prices.


  • Do you often see your weld repairs recrack?

    No, we don’t often see this, maybe once a month out of literally hundreds of wheels but it is minimal.

  • What can I do to stop the risk of a fresh crack?

    We can swap your wheels around on your car so that the kerb side wheel is not a repaired wheel giving this leading wheel best chance of survival in the sea of pot holes

  • What else can I do to stop my wheel cracking in the future

    Stop driving through pot holes if you can!

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