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Tyre fitting at CCM

A cracked alloy wheel rim will often have caused you to unfortunately have driven your car with much less than the ideal tyre pressure. Running a tyre with low inflation causes damage to the side walls inside and outside of the tyre. This seriously weakens the tyre side wall. Tyres that have run flat should not be refitted. If during an alloy wheel rim repair we find that your tyre is damaged we will advise you and will show you whilst the tyre is removed.

At CCM we benefit from tyre deliveries from 3 of the South Coast's leading tyre suppliers, this means that we can receive replacement tyres typically within 2 -3 hours. Our tyre pricing is competitive and we can advise you on best tyres for your particular budget.

CCM are also a Black Circles Premium Partner. Black Circles were sold to Michelin back in 2015, and as one of the largest online tyre wholesalers in the UK, are a great place to check tyre prices. If you would prefer to buy your tyres from Black Circles that is fine with us, just select us as your fitting location.

PRICING GUIDES - Typical prices

* Prices are for indication only, call us for a refined quote and best deals

Our Price
Crack Repair £49 + VAT
Extra Cracks £25 + VAT
Remove & Refit Wheel & Tyre £24 + VAT


Repairing your alloy wheel rim is one thing, and getting you a new tyre may well be the other thing. Relax in the knowledge that CCM can supply both services at competitive rates giving you an easy, one stop solution to your issues.

Fast turnaround, if you know that you are going to need a new tyre then please let us know when you book in, that way we can have your tyre in stock before you arrive.

At CCM we open early allowing customers to drop their vehicles with us on their way to work. We also have a night drop off facility for those struggling to get to us during office hours.


  • I don’t have a spare wheel what can I do?

    If your car is still driveable then you can book in to a while–u–wait alloy wheel repair.

    If we can’t repair your car today we can supply you with a courtesy car. CCM operates a fleet of around 20 courtesy vehicles working to keep our valued customers mobile. Sadly, we do have to charge for loan vehicles, but it is still way cheaper than getting a cab.

  • I can’t even drive on my wheel and I don’t have a spare. What can I do?

    You can just bring us the wheel! Lots of our customer just bring their alloy wheel in to us, not to mention our trade tyre bay customers who typically just send in the bare wheel rim.

  • Can you fit me a new tyre today?

    Yes, we can get almost any tyre any size same day, our cut off time for orders is before 13:30 each day, so if you pitch up too late then we are going to need to keep your wheel overnight.

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