Unlike certain fast fit chains, we WILL repair punctures.

It is not uncommon for car owners to be sent to us for an alloy wheel rim repair when they simply have a puncture or a leaking bead seal. Many companies don’t like to repair punctures, but really if a puncture repair is viable and your tyre is not very worn it seems crazy not to repair. It has also become apparent to us that some tyre bays simply cannot diagnose the source of an air leak.

As part of all repairs we are looking at the whole job and wanting to be sure of the source of the air leak before we get too far. Many alloy wheel rims have corrosion around the bead seating face which works to form a seal between the tyre and the wheel rim, this type of leak is repairable by removal of the tyre and cleaning of the bead face coupled with the application of bead sealing product.

So yes, we can carry out all the serious welding and buckle repair, but often we find that the problem is less complex and usually a cheaper repair.


  • Punctures repaired
  • Right job – right fix
  • Friendly service
  • Fast turn around
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