Section 5.2.2 of the revised MOT testing standards for Class 3 – 7 vehicles states that a fractured wheel rim is a Dangerous defect. This means that the MOT bay must issue a fail certificate for any vehicle that is being tested and this defect is noted.

What this means in real terms is that you need to get this fracture (or crack) repaired or you need to get a new wheel. At CCM we see customers from all over Sussex and Surrey being referred to us, or finding us on the internet, and wanting to get their wheel rim repaired ASAP.

CCM can affect a TIG weld repair to a cracked alloy wheel rim from any make or model of car, our repairs meet the requirements of the MOT scheme (we should know as we operate 5 MOT test lanes of our own).

If you can get this item repaired before the end of the next working day of your MOT test then you should be able to request a free retest from the original test station (assuming no other non free retest items have failed) If you can’t get your wheel rim repaired in time then we can offer you an MOT test on site here once your wheel rim is repaired.


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