Types of Alloy wheel crack

At CCM we typically see two distinct categories of alloy wheel rim crack. The first type is termed as a short crack, and is only extending down the outer rim or bead sealing area. These cracks can be seen from beneath the car, when wheel still fitted, and are often the fault detected during an MOT test. A cracked wheel rim is an MOT fail item.

The short crack often presents itself as a slow puncture. A lot of our customers have first visited a tyre bay hoping for a puncture repair only to be told they have a damaged wheel rim, and so are referred to us for a wheel rim repair.

The second type of typical crack is referred to as an elongated crack, these cracks have split the outer bead and started to progress into the inner wheel rim. Again, these cracks will cause slow loss of tyre pressure over time, and are an MOT fail item. Long or short either types of these cracks can be repaired using TIG welding process.

PRICING GUIDES - Typical prices

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Our Price
Crack Repair £49 + VAT
Extra Cracks £25 + VAT
Remove & Refit Wheel & Tyre £24 + VAT


Using the correct work processes is important and at CCM we have invested a great deal of time and energy in getting this right.

All our specialist services are first refined by our senior mechanics before we pass training to out wider workforce. At CCM we take a great deal of pride in being a specialist, in making sure we have the correct tools and the correct processes to ensure a great job every time.

We genuinely want our customers to go away happy. Well, as happy as anyone ever can be after spending money on their car!


  • My alloy wheel rim has several cracks, can it still be repaired?

    Yes it can. Very often an alloy rim will have more than 1 crack and a buckle all sustained thanks to one nasty pot hole, but fear not CCM CAN help.

  • Does the price vary dependant on my vehicle manufacturer?

    Nope, pretty much a wheel is a wheel to us. No matter if you drive a Mercedes or Kia the pothole will not discriminate and nor do we.

  • My wheel rim has a crack that spurs off in more than 1 direction, can CCM repair this?

    If you have read this far then you already know the answer. It's YES! We can repair spurred cracks and even refit sections into a rim.

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