CCM alloy wheel rim welding prices

Aluminium alloy wheel rims can and do buckle when subjected to high impact. Typically noted after driving through ‘that massive pot hole‘ or ‘over this manhole cover that you just wouldn’t believe‘ . Then even worse the buckle is sufficient to allow air to escape and now you have a flat tyre just to add insult to injury.

Well we can help. Your wheel will need to come off and tyre be removed, then we can check the wheel rim and straighten it. CCM use the leading European wheel straightening machine (using hydraulic assisted straightening rams and dial gauge accuracy coupled to heat) to ensure a professional and structurally correct repair to your buckled alloy wheel rim.

Our pricing works as follows:

Our pricing works as follows:

1. Add cost for remove/refit the wheel from your car.

2. Add cost for remove/refit the tyre form the wheel rim.

3. Add cost for each buckle repaired.

Now every customer is different and sometimes we get the whole car and sometimes just the wheel rim, but typically it’s the whole car and the most common buckles are charged out as follows:

Remove and refit wheel + remove and refit tyre + buckle repair:
£6 + £16 + £25

PRICING GUIDES - Typical prices

* Prices are for indication only, call us for a refined quote and best deals

Our Price
Per buckle repair £ 49
Per additional buckle £ 25
Remove & Refit wheel £ 6
Remove & Refit Tyre £ 12 to £ 21

Vibrations through your car?

An impact with a pot hole, an accidental bump up ‘that’ kerb that really didn’t look ‘that’ big or thump over that manhole cover has every chance of damaging and alloy wheel rim.

A miss aligned wheel rim will cause different vibrations and different noises at different speeds. Over time a buckled rim will force accelerated tyre wear, and this tyre wear will begin to compensate for the buckle. Often when client’s vehicles have an underlying buckled wheel rim, then when new tyres are fitted the new tyre is able to grip better and has not worn to match the buckle, at this time the client reports that the new tyres are rubbish and wants them changed.

It is for this reason that a buckled wheel should be checked. At CCM our wheel straightening equipment works using dial gauge accuracy to detect radial and lateral buckles.


  • Will a straightened alloy rim stop the vibration in my steering?

    Yes, but only if the vibration was caused by a buckle.

  • What else can cause vibration in my steering wheel?

    The most common causes of vibration in a steering wheel, will be a tyre bulged or out of shape, an imbalanced wheel or warped brake discs. All of these can be checked and diagnosed at CCM.

  • Can CCM deal with radial and lateral buckles?

    Yes we can, our equipment allows us to deal with all tyres of buckle. Unlike many we can also conduct a welding repair where the straightening process cracks the rim, so we are a one stop shop for buckle and welding repairs to alloy wheel rims.

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