Ali wheel repair process

The process of repairing an alloy wheel rim crack flows like this:

1. Remove wheel from car
2. Carry out leak checks to identify all leaks
3. Remove tyre and check tyre condition
4. Put wheel onto balance machine and just generally check the condition and ensure that is not badly buckled (many wheels are cracked due to pot hole impact which goes hand-in-hand with a wheel buckle). Carry out a buckle repair if necessary (an impact that has cracked a wheel can be associated with sufficient force to buckle the same wheel)
5. Clean back the crack and cut the crack open to allow for weld to fully fill
6. Drill weld end to help with flex dissipation/diffusion
7. Carry out the weld
8. Grind back to inner weld and tyre seating bead

PRICING GUIDES - Typical prices

* Prices are for indication only, call us for a refined quote and best deals

Our Price
Crack Repair £49 + VAT
Extra Cracks £25 + VAT
Remove & Refit Wheel & Tyre £24 + VAT


Repairing an alloy wheel rim is not just something anyone can do. It is a specialist task that should only be completed by competent professionals, using the correct processes.

New alloy wheel rims typically range from £300 upwards to the highest we have seen to date being £2,134 on a Porsche Cayenne, that means that a welding repair is great value for money when compared to buying a new wheel rim.

If you are unsure about the condition of your wheel then pop in (please call first) and we will look at your wheel for free and duly supply you with a repair quote.

At CCM we have invested some £15,000 in our latest TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding plant. Some customers have been offered welding repairs using MIG process and alloy wire, please believe us when we say that MIG welding on alloy wheel rims simply will not give you a proper repair.


  • Is the repair safe?

    Yes, we have welded literally thousands of wheels and are happy that our work practices and methods are appropriate for a crack repair. Let’s be clear though a welded wheel will never be as strong as the original. If you are seriously concerned about the potential of a welded wheel failing then sadly you just “gotta dig deep” and buy a new wheel rim.

  • I have been told that it’s illegal to have a wheel rim welded, is this true?

    Nope, not true, a professional weld is a proper repair.

  • Can you repair my wheel today?

    Yes, if you call and book a time we can usually squeeze in a few extra jobs each day. We will certainly try our best to help you if we can.

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