Wheel safety and wheel welding at CCM

A cracked alloy wheel rim is generally only identified as the wheel rim starts to leak air, and tyre pressure is affected.

Now, many people ask “is it safe?”. Well we say YES!

The welding process used creates a seal and restores strength to the rim where the crack existed. In our experience these welds last a very long time, and generally are only broken following impact with a pot hole or kerb. The wheels don’t explode or do any weird and wonderful things that the uneducated may try to purvey. Put simply, if we did not believe in our ability to weld wheel rims safely, we would not supply this service. At CCM we value our customers and would like them to come back. The proof is in the pudding really as we repair 100s of wheels each month!

Some wheels that are presented to us have been welded many times before in other locations. Our staff will closely inspect these wheels and will mark welds not conducted by us. Some wheels however are simply too far gone unfortunately. We are often presented with Jaguar wheels that have as many as 8 or 9 previous welds and we will usually decline these wheels as they are becoming so out of shape that a repair would be a waste of our time as well as the owners.

PRICING GUIDES - Typical prices

* Prices are for indication only, call us for a refined quote and best deals

Our Price
Crack Repair £49 + VAT
Extra Cracks £25 + VAT
Remove & Refit Wheel & Tyre £24 + VAT


If we think your wheel is beyond repair we will tell you, and in most cases show you why we think this. Honesty is one of our key values, so we will always give you our best and most truthful advice. All wheels refitted are torqued up using calibrated torque wrenches, but all customers should check their wheel nuts after 20 miles.

If after a wheel repair at CCM, or for that matter any tyre fitting anywhere, you feel a vibration when driving then STOP, wheel nuts can work lose even when fitted correctly.


  • I have run flat tyres is it still safe to drive to you?

    Yes, but please don’t drive too fast as your wheel rim won’t be so well protected by your tyre in this state.

  • Can you refit my tyre if I have run it flat and damaged the side walls?

    You really don’t want to refit a bad tyre and in fact, generally we won’t. We are here to make sure your car is safe to drive, so we won't do any work that could put you at risk. So, truth be told if you have run your tyre flat then be prepared to buy a new tyre.

  • Can I still drive at motorway speeds with a welded repair?

    Yes, a repaired wheel should do all the things your wheel did before.

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